Brand New "I'm a PC" Commercials

 - Sep 20, 2008
References: techcrunch
The Microsoft ad saga continues after the first two underwhelming Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates ads made Microsoft pull the plug. They have introduced three new ads which attempt to reclaim the "PC Guy."

The new "I'm a PC" ads directly target Apple by spoofing their much more successful "Get a Mac" ads. Not very original, but they tried to show that Microsoft users are not nerds like John Hodgman’s character in the Mac commercials.

The new ads star Sean Siler. Who on earth is Sean Siler? Apparently, if you email him, an automated reply reveals that he is really a Microsoft Program Manager working on IPv6 and other projects. He auditioned for the part along with 200 or so people. In keeping with the ad theme of many average users, he was chosen because he looked ordinary--the 'Real PC.'

These ads still don’t mention Vista, but at least they are more direct than the Jerry Seinfeld ones; at least, in a hurried, thrown-together sort of way.