From Animated Movie Posters to Robotic Limb Auctions

 - Jul 28, 2010   Updated: Jun 13 2011
These Terminator-inspired innovations are perfect for those who are a fan of the robot-warrior series. With its growing popularity since its debut in the 1980s, the movie series has received and generated plenty of buzz in all forms of media around the world.

From cyborg menswear to violent movie promotions, take a look through these Terminator-inspired innovations to see its influence on our current media society.

Implications - The market for products inspired by popular movies or pop cultural phenomenons is an undying one, as businesses continue to cater to a celebrity and entertainment-obsessed public. Fantastical movies centered around seemingly out-of-reach technologies inspire businesses to innovate and create in a way that is forward-thinking, pushing the boundaries between fantasy and reality.