The De Lijn Ants Commercial Animates Some Crafty Ants

 - May 21, 2011
References: duvalguillaume & adsoftheworld
As this De Lijn Ants commercial so cleverly says, "It's smarter to travel in groups." That may not make sense now, but once you take a gander at the included video, you'll be inviting your friends along with you wherever you go.

The De Lijn Ants commercial features an army of ants going about their daily routines until an annoying anteater intrudes and wants to eat one of their ranks. Not ones to leave any man behind, the ant collective band together to form an ant ball and end up choking the anteater to death with its size. The group of ants then rejoice as subtitles appear and suggest to viewers to vacation in packs on De Lijn tour buses.

I actually feel bad for the anteater in the end, but hey, if he were any smarter, he would have came with his anteater buddies to tackle the ant swarm.