All Sorts of Animals Run Amok in These Hilarious and Poignant Pet Ads

 - Nov 24, 2013
There's no question that we love using animals in our advertising and pet ads can be among the funniest or the most heart-felt in the advertising world. From cuddling bunnies to cruelty awareness dog campaigns and cat parachuting commercials, there's seemingly no end to the sad, funny or outright outlandish things we like seeing our pets do or represent.

Animals of all sorts feature in ad campaigns and commercial on a regular basis, but pets have a special place in the world of marketing. There' a connection that we have to the pets onscreen or on-paper that we don't have with exotic animals. That's because this cute and cuddly guys in pet ads could be our own pets and we feel sad to think of them being abused, or laugh at for the silly things they could do. There's no doubt that pet ads have a special place in our society.