Cravendale Imagines a World Where Cats Have Thumbs

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: wklondon & creativecriminals
The British dairy company Cravendale imagines a world in which our fuzzy feline friends develop opposable thumbs for the soul purpose of seizing control of the milk supply. The clever ad was created by the London-based ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. Dogs maintain a pack mentality where as cats lead fairly solitary and self-obsessed existences, but they're so darn cute very few animal-loving humans can fault them for their closed off nature. Taking into account that cats are by far more self-sufficient creatures than their canine cousins, Cravendale questions what a cat would do in a position of power.

Their adorable appearance in many ways has seduced pet owners into a form of voluntary indentured servitude to their darling kitty, but according to Cravenale, the evolution of an opposable thumb is all these scheming felines are waiting for before they can realize their full potential, takeover the world and leave their tedious lives as a house pet behind. As commercials go, this one captures the bizarre and somewhat devious tendencies of the average house cat beautifully.

Clever in its execution and sure to induce the kind of giggles only dry British wit can, the Cravendale cats with thumbs commercial may make you rethink your cat's motives.