These Hyundai Advertisements Reiterate the Brand's Luxury Cushions

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: hyundai & adsoftheworld
These Hyundai advertisements use a common occurrence in households with pets in order to showcase the brand's new luxurious materials.

If you have ever owned a dog, you know that it could be a disaster when they get into your car. Their fur gets everywhere, and you always need to be careful of their nails. One wrong step and there is a hole in your leather interior.

Hyundai has redone the inside of their vehicles and have used an ultra luxurious material. In this ad campaign, three adorable dogs are about to go for a ride in the car, but before they can get in, they have to get socks put on their paws.

These Hyundai advertisements use these pictures as an example of the work you will do to ensure your luxurious interiors stay pristine.