- May 14, 2015
With the recent launch of Rihanna's monumental Secret Garden IV ads, there is plenty of discussion around the groundbreaking Dior campaigns of the past few seasons. While none may carry the same level of cultural significance as Rihanna's turn as the first person of color to star in a Dior campaign, there has always been a carefully selected celebrity with a certain x-factor.

A particularly powerful Dior campaign that is starkly different from the motifs in the Secret Garden series was Natalie Portman's Miss Dior campaign. The pastel hued photo series and accompanying commercial were shot by director wunderkind Sofia Coppola and made great use of the romantic Parisian background.

Whether showcasing the most recent collection or highlighting the latest perfume, one can always count on Dior campaigns to be visually stimulating and of artistic merit.

From Whimsical Couture Ads to Botanical Accessory Campaigns: