The Snapdragon Bug Circus Generator Attempts to Charge a Smartphone

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: denizencompany & creativecriminals
Better than any trick of the eye flea circus you've ever seen, this Snapdragon Bug Circus Generator, created by Denizen, assembles the best insect performers around to do what they do best. Featuring everything from scorpions to praying mantises, this video pulls all these creatures together in order to power a Snapdragon smartphone.

With bugs shooting out of canons and spiders tip-toeing on high wires, its hard to resist the charms of this commercial even if bugs make your skin crawl. The animation is stellar and the craftsmanship of the set is something to behold. Complete with a classic carnival soundtrack and the sounds of a roaring crowd, it's easy to get wrapped up in this acrobatic micro-drama. In the end, these spindly performers achieve their tasks and leave the smartphone fully charged.

Simple in its concept and complex in its execution, the Snapdragon Bug Circus Generator is endlessly entertaining and worth bugging out over.