Nopikex Repellent Shows How Blood-Sucking Insects View Our Bodies

This ad for Nopikex Repellent uses an ominous atmosphere to demonstrate how lethal mosquitoes can be. By showing viewers what these insects see when looking at humans, the ad does a great job at conveying their message that these blood-sucking insects are not intimidated by the human race.

The ad presents a model of a human made entirely out of blood cells and veins. Then, the model is placed on a park bench in the middle of a city where most people were either amused or slightly disturbed by its presence. Either way, Nopikex Repellent sent the message that mosquitoes will not hesitate to bite as all they see is delicious blood. The only way to really protect oneself is by using Nopikex Repellent to deter the deadly critters.