- Jul 8, 2012
Nothing ruins a peaceful night out like the buzzing of a pest, but there are many ways to keep bugs at bay with these innovations on today's market. While DEET-based sprays remain a popular choice for outdoorsman, its environmental impact has others looking for friendlier alternatives.

Ants, mosquitos, flies and other creepy crawlers are often coming into your homes or invading your picnics looking for a free meal. Keeping your food covered and your garbage cans sealed is one step to avoid nasty infestations. With clever ways to keep bugs at bay like mosquito warding radios and insect repelling perfumes, it's possible to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about the itchy aftermath.

Unfortunately there are people more prone to getting bites due to their physical characteristics. For example, blondes attract more mosquitos than brunettes -- it's a price you pay to have more fun no?

From Insect-Ensnaring Decanters to Insect Repellent Perfumes: