Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Summer Courtesy of this Smartphone App

 - Jul 11, 2011
References: japantrends
Nothing can put a damper on a well-planned vacation like uninvited insects, which is the very reason why Mosquito Buster, a new Android application, deserves at the very least a download.

At the always-agreeable price of free, this app has already swept the Android Market with its ingenuity, and promises to do the same when launched for the iPhone. By releasing a high-pitched tone, which is inaudible to human ears, the application is able to completely ward off mosquitoes in the immediate area.

But small flies aren’t the only pests this app is capable of dispatching. Mosquito Buster comes with three easy-to-use modes: The first is designed to repel mosquitoes and the second gets rid of rodents. Curiously, the third setting promises to emit an irritating tone which only children can hear due to its high frequency.

Leaving the mosquitoes, rodents and children relatively unharmed, albeit temporarily annoyed, the Mosquito Buster truly promises adults a carefree time this summer.