Eco-Magnet Rids the Air of Insects and Potential Illness

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: paulmwood & designbuzz
The term "fresh air" seldom describes the outdoor environment in most urban settings, but the Eco-Magnet can surely bring more truth to such an ideal. Designer Paul M. Wood has come up with a device that's first priority is human health.

The transparent domes are coated with titanium dioxide and contain carbon dioxide made from a natural reaction between the sun's light and water within the contraption. The purifying outer layer passively pulls toxins from passing air, while the inside of the globe attracts mosquitos with the human scent of ocetinol. The blood-sucking insects are then gradually dehydrated to death as a means to minimize populations and the risk of malaria's spread. The Eco-Magnet will improve the outside for man, but one has to wonder about the possibility of an upset ecosystem.