Fanta ‘Stealth Sound System' Targets Teens'

 - Dec 8, 2008
References: fanta.msite &
Fanta’s new mobile app, Stealth Sound System, uses a surefire way to target a specific market. The app is meant as a way for teens to communicate on their cell phones without adults hearing them, and the Stealth Sound System features high-pitched sound frequencies that are inaudible to most people over 20.

Fanta’s Stealth Sound System is based on a controversial technology known colloquially as Mosquito Teen Repellent, which was developed by Howard Stapleton a few years ago to deter teens from loitering outside London shops.

Within Stealth Sound System, individual frequencies are tagged to represent phrases, essentially creating a new language only teens can hear and understand. Stealth Sound System was developed by Ogilvy Advertising.