From Winged Jean Kicks to Sacrilegious Soft Drink Ads

 - Jul 6, 2012
These energetic Red Bull depictions highlight the immense attention to branding this company is famous for.

From its cartoon-laden advertising to the stunning amount of experimental marketing this brand uses, this energy drink company is a future-focused powerhouse with a huge following. Often promoting an aggressive and powerful attitude in regards to the brand, Red Bull is heavily involved in sporting events and is acutely aware of its target demographic. A leader in its industry and a strong influencer of competitive brands, this is a trailblazing company with some seriously modern approaches to promotion.

In addition to its aggressive marketing tactics, Red Bull is often the target of parodies and satirical creations, taking jabs at big brands. However this company gets its publicity, it's clear that it has been successful in making a name for itself.