Estudio Minga's 'Crazy Old Mules' Posters Reference Familiar Graphics

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: estudiominga & mymodernmet
Logos seem to follow me everywhere, and I'm sure many people can attest to recognizing the logos featured within Estudio Minga's 'Crazy Old Mules' posters. These hilarious posters incorporate some of the most familiar logos, including that of Red Bull, John Deere, Absolut and Facebook.

These jovial posters were created by the Argentinian art company Estudio Minga, who are also responsible for the 'WTF' posters that went viral earlier this year. The company's goal was to create memorable posters that referenced both movies and logos in a comedic mule-motivated way, and looking at the 'Crazy Old Mules' posters it's easy to say, "Mission accomplished!"

Implications - Referencing popular brands, sayings or cinematic successes can be an effective way to instantly grab consumer appeal. Consumers who can quickly recognize familiar imagery and designs will be more likely to take the time to check out that particular product.