- Nov 13, 2011
Founded by David Ogilvy in 1948, the advertising agency became a leader in its field through its knowledge of its consumers; these captivating Ogilvy campaigns illustrate the company's continual ability to reach an amazing number of consumers each day.

Establishing its name through major brands like American Express, Ford and Barbie, Ogilvy is now lending its advertising power to a countless number of today's leading companies. From whimsical advertisements that cater to younger audiences to interactive designs that engage customers on-the-go, it's clear through looking at these captivating Ogilvy campaigns that the agency is still leading the way with fearless concepts and highly inventive ideas.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to advertisements that feature an attention-grabbing element. Companies could focus on pushing the limits on creativity for their campaigns in order to increase the level of attention they generate on the market.

From Jaw-Growing Gum Ads to Illusory Handvertising: