The Siemens Ventilation Systems Campaign Boasts the Freshness of the Outdoors

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: siemensappliance & ibelieveinadv
Proper air circulation is incredibly important for homes of all shapes and sizes, not to mention specific rooms as well; the Siemens Ventilation Systems targets kitchens in its latest ad campaign. The campaign itself claims the freshest of air, rivalling that of the outdoors.

Conceived and executed by Beijing-based ad agency Ogilvy, the Siemens Ventilation Systems ad campaign illustrates this claim by showing three separate kitchens, all with their outer walls knocked down, leaving the inhabitants outside. Photographed by Xiaohang Liu, the images look as fresh as the circulating air is supposed to feel. No longer will the cooks of the house have to worry about stale air and stinking clothes.

The Siemens Ventilation Systems ad campaign was art directed by Shiyang He, copy written by Doug Schiff and Lianhui Hao, and illustrated by Jian Sun.