This Cadbury Monks Commercial is a Joyful Production

 - May 29, 2011
References: cadbury & adrants
A Glass and a Half Full is behind this Cadbury Monks commercial. A follow-up to its dancing clothes advertisement, this ad by Cadbury brings random joy into the viewer's life. What was set up to be a serious scene turned funny when a balloon floated into the scene. The leader, who would have seemingly deflated the balloon as punishment, instead inhaled the helium and broke out dancing to Flo Rida's hit single "Low." The Cadbury Monks are completely unconventional for marketing a chocolate company, but the commercial manages to cause smiles and associate the candy brand as a joyful one.

The Cadbury Monks commercial was directed by Erik Van Wyk, who said of the project, "What this endearing group does so beautifully and simply, is reflect humanity back to us. The part of humanity we like." The advertisement was done by Ogilvy Johannesburg.