From Nostalgic Fashions to Opulent Home Décor

 - Apr 5, 2013
Embracing excess, these velvet made innovations look to the past for inspiration. Known for its luxurious softness, the elegant material has been around for hundreds of years. Velvet exudes luxury and has been a staple in the wardrobes and homes of monarchs and famed world leaders throughout history.

From the days of Marie Antoinette to the fashion world's recent 90s style revival, these velvet made innovations bring the material back into the limelight. While many may perceive velvet as over-the-top, our obsession with luxury is heightening its popularity and offering it to a mass market of consumers.

Whether used to upholster high-end home furnishings or to create couture clothing items, velvet retains its luxurious associations but has also been made available to a wide range of individuals at a number of different price points.