- Oct 30, 2013
While sweets and chocolates are probably not the healthiest of food choices, these creative candy branding techniques will definitely have you craving a taste of these well-packaged products.

Candy is one of those popular junk food items that people, especially children, seem to love. Whether it's their sweet taste, unique texture or playful coloring, candies have become a must-have snack to munch on despite their potential cavity-causing ways. These creative candy branding techniques are showcasing some inventive ways in which companies are selling their confectionary products by incorporating new design and modern references into the overall look and packaging. Since there are so many different brands and candy products on the market, making the packaging stand out amongst the shelf is key to getting a consumer's attention.

From fortune teller treats to doodled dessert branding, these creative candy packages will definitely attract anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

From Bambi Boxed Sweets to Minimalist Bonbon Bars: