Solo Ice Cream Packaging Saves the Frills for the Treats' Flavoring

Without forgetting that one of the important features of a food item is in fact its taste, Solo Ice Cream packaging serves up a minimalistic approach to aesthetics with the knowledge that the treat itself is the flavor.

The branding for the Northern Israel creamery was undertaken by Kroll Design, who settled with a simple approach to parceling the delicious dairy delicacies. An ordinary plastic container as well as a styrofoam takeout box were chosen as the subtle means of presentation for the cold sweets, and stickers and cardboard sleeves were added to divulge the brand's identity.

A classic printing press appearance is applied to the logo, clearly visible despite intentional fading atop a sketched image of a spoon. Solo Ice Cream packaging has a classic look that seems to embody the signature of homemade dessert.