Noisette Cafe Branding Channels a French Boulangerie

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: thedieline
Noisette Cafe branding is so delectable, one would probably be satisfied to consume the paper cups as well. This fresh image was bestowed upon the Mexico City coffee shop by the Z Graphics studio, which was inspired by sweetness and the toothsome taste of hazelnuts.

The scrumptious nut is central to the menu of granolas, biscuits and other confections that the cafe serves up, and its warm brown hue is referenced in the delicious color scheme of the candy cane striped packaging. A soft minty green complements the earthy tone for a mouthwatering mien that will conflictingly cause one to tear the cute paper pouches apart. Without even picturing the yummy confections, Noisette Cafe branding succeeds in seducing the senses.