Baru Packaging is Sugar-Coated with Scrumptious Swirls

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: creneau & packagingoftheworld
Sweet treats can sometimes sell themselves with a single taste, but on the shelf, something resembling Baru packaging is necessary to communicate the deliciousness within.

The Creneau International studio designed the cylindrical containers for the brand's selection of Fluffy Marshmallow Chocolate Powder, Spicy Chai Latte, Swirly Chocolate Powder and Chocolate Chai Latte drink mixes. Opting for a thin diagonal stripe aesthetic, the creators gave the tins the appearance of candy canes. Simplicity with a twist was achieved with a soft incorporation of color and rectangular cocoa brown labels. The make and the flavors are written neatly in bold justified typefaces, giving the scrumptious products a tasteful accessibility. Aiming to enhance the appearance of the canisters with fun, funk and glee, the firm behind Baru packaging brings saccharine insides to the surface.