From Fruity Antioxidant Desserts to Health-Conscious Cocktails

 - Sep 18, 2014
From antioxidant dessert recipes to health-conscious cocktails with a $40 000 price tag, these pomegranate products celebrate the tasty fruit favorite.

A favorite of models and health-conscious celebs, the pomegranate may be heard to eat but is worth the trouble thanks to its ultra-healthy rep. The fruit is rising in popularity for its vitamin content and has been infused in anything from tasty recipes to alcoholic and breakfast beverages.

Often associated with beauty and wellness, these pomegranate products celebrate the powerful properties of the antioxidant. A memorable example from this list is 7UP's pomegranate soda that is made using 100% natural flavors. This non-traditional drink rejects the unhealthy notions that are associated with pop and is caffeine-free, making it a healthier alternative to classic 7UP and cola flavors.