Penny's Sweets Packaging Refrences the Past Price of Candy

 - Dec 10, 2012
References: d-studio & packagingoftheworld
In case the contents of Penny's Sweets packaging needed any enhancing to its shelf appeal, this scrumptious concept is right on the money. Designer Wes Anson of the UK's added great value to the branding strategy behind Tracey Thomas's delicious business.

A yummy range of chocolates, gummies and hard candies is presented in a variety of clear glass jars and bottles that all have several features in common, despite their different shapes. Each one has an enticing pink label with inviting handwritten text and a lovely logo that matches the iconic lids.

Coppery tops cap Penny's Sweets packaging, mimicking the look of one cent coins. This is a nostalgic reference to the old pocket change cost of buying treats that achieves great success among contemporary consumers.