Give Chonmage Yookan as a Gift to Win Over Annoyed Partners

 - Nov 3, 2009
References: spoon-tamago
This may look like a samurai's ponytail, but it's actually Chonmage Yookan, a wrapped piece of candy meant to be given to someone from whom you seek forgiveness.

Ever come home from a late night of boozing, awkwardly stumble around your house and then pass out only to be awoken in the morning by the annoyed woman you call your wife or girlfriend? The only way to soothe over such conflicts is with gifts and Chonmage Yookan is a gift that fits exactly this purpose.

The ‘chonmage’ is a topknot of hair, one of the most significant ornaments of the samurai, representing honor and esteem. To cut-off one’s chonmage (as reflected by the packaging of the Chonmage Yookan) shows the absence of pride and honor. Yookan is a gelatinous sweet bean candy that is a popular Japanese gift.

The Chonmage Yookan combines the two to form an apologetic gift that represents the submissive retreat of honor, and will hopefully calm any enraged woman.