The Ticino Chocolates Wrapper is as Minimalistic as the Product

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: thedieline
Design student Malcolm Allan Simmons created this sweet, but simple wrapper for a fictional Swiss chocolate company Ticino Chocolates. Simmons focused on designing minimalist color-coded wrappers that clearly advertise the bar of chocolate that lies beneath. Each wrapper sports a geometric design rendered in varying shades of the dominate color.

Playing with slight variations in aesthetics, Simmons' design work is reminiscent of the work of abstract artist Mark Rothko, who successfully conveyed emotion through simplistic geometric shapes and soft variations in shades. The simple wrapper presents Ticino Chocolates company as transparent as the short ingredients list on the back of the package; the lack of flourish on this fetching package proves that this brand has nothing to hide. Devoid of loud copy and tag lines, the Ticino Chocolates packaging lazily seduces you rather than twists your arm.

Sweet, subtle and soft, the Ticino Chocolates wrapper is a prime example of minimalist packaging done well.