Peppersmith Tingz Packaging Bears Teeth for Mouthy Marketing

 - May 3, 2013
References: bandb-studio & lovelypackage
Despite the mildly aggressive look of the pointy teeth on Peppersmith Tingz packaging, this brand actually offers consumers a dental-friendly treat. A pair of big-mouthed monsters are the faces of two different varieties of the xylitol-containing confectioneries and, somewhat unexpectedly, the characters are quite approachable.

B&B Studio of the United Kingdom drew up the endearing duo: Floyd and Bowie. The yellow and red beasts are completely covered in fur, and they each have a set of googly eyes, a heart-shaped tongue and a series of sharp pearly-whites.

The natural wood sugar sweets have been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation as good for oral hygiene, and this perk is suggested boldly in the flawless munchers of Peppersmith Tingz packaging. The mouthiness was explored even more playfully in the cartons that open like the creatures' jaws.