These Paleo Foods Will Satisfy Anyone on the Caveman Diet

 - Aug 19, 2014
A diet of strict Paleo foods means that you're eating lots of whole veggies, fruits, meat, fish, nuts and seeds, while saying goodbye to refined sugar, grains and other things like soy and dairy. The Paleo diet is adhered to by many since it is based around the kind of hunter-gatherer diets that the cavepeople would have followed in the Paleolithic era.

The most hunting and gathering that a modern consumer has to do usually involves a trip to the grocery store and thankfully as this diet is becoming more popular, it's not difficult to scavenge for good eats. These Paleo food recipes and products feature ingredients like avocado, root vegetables, tomato, kale, beef and bacon that are would be just as appealing to busy hunters and gatherers from centuries ago.