Caveman Cookies Packaging Got a Grooming by Kristina Filler

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: kristinasacci & thedieline
The prehistoric face of Caveman Cookies packaging was brought into the modern era with a smart redesign by Kristina Filler of New Jersey. About four years ago, the company was wrapping up its paleo biscuits in brown paper bags and labeling them with sets of stickers. The new version is easier to produce, to ship and to stack on the grocery store shelf.

A rectangular box was chosen as the most effective shape to contain the confectioneries, so it was necessary to address four more sides with lighthearted designs. The familiar, happy and hairy troglodyte is still pictured in all his bearded glory on the front panel, with his mustached mouth open wide and ready to munch on his sweet snack. The cartoony brand name and additional illustrations are printed onto the other sides of Caveman Cookies packaging.