Cacao Monkey Packaging is Delectably Designed

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: packagingoftheworld
It's difficult to convey the absolute deliciousness of chocolate when it's wrapped up in layers of paper, but Cacao Monkey packaging succeeds at suggesting the scrumptious flavor with the simple use of graphic techniques.

The bright colors chosen to enfold each treat were selected to each contain a different variety of the dessert. The bold foils cover the candy completely, while sleeves of earthy brown paper slide over top. Designer Niamh Richardson was working with a fictional brand of fair trade, eco-friendly organic chocolate, so the outer textured card deliciously demonstrates this green quality. Furthermore, the use of dye was minimized, and the logo and type of treat are spelled out in cutout text. Between the technicolor tints and the natural wrapping, Cacao Monkey packaging communicates scrumptiousness to its core.