These Shera Sound-Proof Walls Ads Make Noises Fall Flat

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: ogilvy & adsoftheworld
Noise is a tricky thing, creeping under doorways and echoing through the halls. It's difficult to control the chaotic waves that will eventually reach our ears, so these Shera Sound-Proof Walls ads reinterpret the properties of sound.

To demonstrate that something so ubiquitous and invisible can in fact be managed by a little structural tweaking, the Ogilvy advertising agency of Thailand turned noise into a self-contained plasticky speech bubble. In three different images that suggest house party, a domestic dispute and an intense episode of lovemaking, the dialogue between the concealed characters involved stops short against the wallpaper, unable to penetrate.

Reducing the concept of sound to a single restrained force that can be easily blocked, these Shera Sound-Proof Walls ads make their product's job look easy.