The Durex 'Xerud' Campaign is Culturally Sensitive

 - Sep 9, 2011
References: & simplyzesty
After realizing condom sales in Taiwan were on a steady decline, OgilvyAction dreamed up the Durex 'Xerud' campaign. The prophylactic producers and ad agency OgilvyAction came up with a cleverly concealed way to inform users of the importance in safe member maintenance.

It was instantly obvious to Durex's research team that the Taiwanese youth became shy and easily shocked at the mention of raunchy reproductive techniques, which demanded a need for some kind of stealth sexual-health promotion. The unbranded 'Xerud' machine was placed in nightclubs and karaoke bars posing as a public soothsayer for those interested in some insight to their love and sex futures. The machine then dispenses a discrete package of rubbers along with helpful hints for conscious condom use. After already raising Durex's sales volume four percent, it's safe to say that the Durex 'Xerud' campaign will wrap up well!