- Mar 5, 2013
Despite that cute and cuddly exterior, bad bunnies are among some of the naughtiest and most devilish animals in the forest. The bunny is actually known for its excessive fornicating habits and for this reason, has been targeted as somewhat of a sex symbol.

Bad bunnies are used for the notorious Playboy logo and are a go-to outfit for scandalous Halloween costumes -- the really hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of bunny ears. There is also a very popular sexual quote that is used to describe an event or person that is involved with a lot of coitus that goes: "___ like a bunny." I’ll let you fill in the blank.

So just remember, the Easter bunny may be an adorable figure that gives candy and presents, but he may just have another side to him.



These Finds Show the Naughty Side of the Easter Bunny: