How to Kill a Chocolate Easter Bunny is Tragically Funny

 - Jan 20, 2013
References: cheezburger & ohgizmo
I can think of so many ways to kill a chocolate Easter bunny, but they all end up in my stomach somehow. With this how-to video, none of the methods include eating, yet all of them assure the total and absolute destruction of the delectable Easter rabbit.

Each method is set with its own Easter-colored backdrop, adding a cheerful element to this otherwise tragic video. The first chocolate rabbit gets a pastel purple iron rested against its face, the second gets a pale pink heat lamp to one side of its head and the third gets its head blown off by a powder blue blow dryer.

While the video demonstrates ways to kill a chocolate Easter bunny, a morosely sweet tune plays in the background, a heartbreaking song with no real words.