These Russell Wrankle Sculptures Turn the Tables on Mother Nature

 - Mar 29, 2012
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An eerie twist to anything normal is always the perfect ingredient to catching some attention, and an amazing example of such a tactic being applied is the series of animal clay sculptures created by Russell Wrankle.

These animals, mostly bunnies, have shown up just in time for Easter to snag those folk that are better regarded as Halloween well-wishers. The sculptures wear devious looks and some sculptures also possess body parts that are not of their species. For example, a pale bunny is shown with pincers for feet and arms instead of its regular limbs. They look like zombie-risen animals whose limbs merged while being buried together after some sort of freak accident.

Russell Wrankle pays close attention to detail in his sculptures and presents his flair for cinematic expression as each of his carefully constructed specimens seem as if they have a story behind their now disheveled figures.