From Graffiti Murals to Lush Lickable Murals

 - Nov 19, 2012
A blank wall is just downright boring, which is why everything from graffiti murals to tasty lickable murals and optical illusion murals swoop in to make things interesting.

While murals go as far back in history as you care to research (most notably the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo), they remain a very inspiring part of urban art and architecture in today's world. Graffiti artists became known for hi-jacking brick walls or using subway trains as canvases for their explosive, eye-catching murals. Even the business world has embraced murals as a way to use space effectively and inspire their employees at the same time. Sony Music, for instance, recently commissioned Alex Fowkes to create a commemorative piece for its London offices.

Regardless of the cause of the murals, the effect is often mass interest. Murals are great conversation pieces that turn dull walls into beautiful art installations.