The Escif 'On/Off Switch' Mural is a Three-Dimensional Artistic Illusion

 - May 9, 2012
References: streetagainst &
The Spanish artist Escif released this massive 'On/Off Switch' mural during the production of Poland's Katowice Street Art Festival. Escif is known for his avant-garde approach to design, and this eye-popping display adds further stock to his expansive portfolio.

This On/Off Switch piece was painted alongside a Polish apartment complex. Escif managed to master a three-dimensional approach here, using varying shades of gray and expert shadowing techniques that made the piece pop out in a visual manner.

The value of street art is often understated or entirely disregarded. This particular framework demonstrates the exact opposite, showcasing just how much value these talented productions can add to communities from around the world, especially those that are lacking in fine art abstractions.