Faith47's 'The Taming of the Beasts' Reprimands Rhino Slaughter

 - Sep 20, 2012
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An artist who identifies herself only as 'Faith47' recently erected a controversial mural in Shanghai titled 'The Taming of the Beasts.' The bleeding picture of large rhinos drips down the side of a cement wall, a testament to the devastation that she stands opposed to.

Faith47, along with a laudable group of animal rights activists, draws attention to the recent execution of rhinos in South Africa, China, Malaysia, India, South Korea and Vietnam. The widespread killings have resulted in extinction with the 2011 annihilation of the Javan rhino in Vietnam, a travesty that was soon after accompanied by the elimination of the West African Black Rhino.

The Taming of the Beasts lays blame on the Asian hunting culture which has made a sport and relative spectacle of the search for rhino horns.