The Post-It Wars Tumblr Account is Full of Playful Notepad Artwork

 - May 8, 2012
References: postitwar & mymodernmet
The new Post-It Wars Tumblr account by the French agency Gustibus Coloribus compiles together all the creations from the latest craze where office buildings compete against each other by creating and displaying amazing Post-It note art for everyone to see.

While Post-It note collages aren't entirely new, the rivalry created amongst neighboring buildings has exploded in recent months. According to the Guardian newspaper, France is seeing a huge rise in Post-It war-related artwork. While basic 8-bit designs like Mega Man and Zelda are a popular choice, new creations like Finding Nemo and a detailed Ken from Street Fighter are populating highrises all across Europe.

Rivalry often entails violent connotations, but what better way to engage in a friendly competition than by creating playful artwork for everyone to enjoy?