D*Face Takes Over New York

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: dface & mymodernmet
UK graffiti artist D*Face recently tagged a slew of buildings and structures in New York. His artwork is inspired by the famous American pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein. This is readily apparent when viewing the street artist’s work.

The D*Face New York City tags depict a few characters one would not normally associate with '60s pop art. For instance, one mural portrays a zombie couple, with the gentleman zombie holding the lady zombie tightly against him. In keeping with this theme, these undead lovers sport unmistakably '60s accoutrement: the man ghoul wears a light brown sports jacket and the lady ghoul is adorned in a red cocktail dress.

It should be mentioned that these D*Face works are huge, occupying entire sides of buildings and towering above passersby.