From Technicolor Turbans to Textured Serpentine Turbans

 - May 23, 2013
A tribute to the 20s and 40s, turban headpieces are the latest recharged fashion accessory for the summer season. Under the motto ‘the thicker the better’ these turbans will make a hip, psychedelic and avant-garde hair statement wrapped around any ‘do.

A great way to get your hair out of your face, cover up day old hair or spice up a hair bun or ponytail, these chic turbans are a fresh way to add funky textures like silk, velour, cotton and lycra with bold colors, styles and patterns to any outfit. There are no rules when it comes to sporting an alluring turban: wrap it up multiple times, tie it in a bow, braid it up or simply knot it around your head. Let your freak flag fly as your hair does all the talking this summer with a enticingly eye-catching, colorful turban.