'Diamond Dust' by Judith Braun Captures Serenity Through Delicacy

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: judithannbraun & thisiscolossal
'Diamond Dust' by Judith Braun is the artist's latest work of art, currently on display at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk until June first. The mural, which was created using fine powder from ground charcoal, depicts a beautifully rendered natural landscape. The vast image includes a valley and forest separated by a quaint little ravine. All of the details within Diamond Dust are applied with exquisite symmetry, endowing the landscape with a sense of pristine accuracy.

Diamond Dust by Judith Braun was created over several days in February in front of a live audience. The artist employs a technique that literally forces the creator to feel their way around their work, investing time and emotion through delicate application.