- Jun 28, 2013
Lady Gaga returns tomorrow with her new album titled 'Artpop' and evryone can't help but wonder what kinds of immaculately polished nails she'll be performing with this time around. Previously, Lady Gaga has flaunted some of the most dramatic, fabulous nail designs, one of which was even sold at a steep price of $12,000. Mind you, this was just one of her ten uniquely ornamented acrylic nails.

At one of her shows, one of her acrylic nails fell off and was mistaken for a guitar pick -- that's how intensely plastic and peculiar her nails can seem. Gaga is one star who pays special attention to detail when it comes to her fingertips, to make bold statements that leave lasting impressions. This list of nail art will be sure to tickle Lady Gaga's fancy; just think long, dramatic and even peculiar.

Lady Gaga Returns with Her New Album And Of Course, Fabulous Nails: