KayleighOC Transforms Fingernails into Fabulous Creations

Perhaps not the best thing to invest in if you're a professional typist, these fingernail designs by DeviantArt artist KayleighOC are a perfect way to display your love for your favorite pop culture icon.

KayleighOC's creations are an delightful combination of complementary color tones and intricate character designs. A great way to deter you from chewing your nails, these designs are perfect for costume parties, movie marathons and days when painting your nails just seems like the only thing to do.

While fingernail art is predominately associated with feminine interests, I would not be averse to decorating my hand with a Batman-themed manicure for the upcoming film Rise of the Dark Knight. If these designs pique your interest you may want to invest in a glass hand case to protect your fabulous nails.