Lata 65 Allows Seniors to Learn Graffiti Techniques

 - Nov 19, 2012
Lata 65 (or 65 Graffiti Can) is an urban art workshop that happened as a result of a partnership between Wool Fest and the Coworklisboa, aimed for a very specific audience: the students were all 65 years or plus.

This four-day workshop was based on several urban art techniques, where the final project was to paint a mural live for all the spectators at the scene, during the 9º Open Day at the Lx Factory.

As the organization says on its website, "Lata 65 is a project that aims to bring together an elderly population and urban art, that is usually seen as something related to younger generations." Furthermore, this project shows that someone’s age is just a number, and what matters the most is a person’s mentality and approach to all things new.