The RJ X Liu Bolin Collaboration is Illusionary and Fun

The RJ X Liu Bolin collaboration mural is an astounding piece of street art. The detail-oriented piece is closer to fine art than the traditional graffiti piece. The composition is collage-based, with a fragment of a peace sign covering a peering eye. Artist JR's portrait technique is highly engaging, challenging the audience to have a greater interaction with its surroundings. The connection is furthered with Liu Bolin's contribution. Bolin has a subject stand in front of the mural and recreated the area of the mural directly onto the subject. This modern-day camo thus becomes live art.

Liu Bolin has received international recognition for his installments, having left a mark on many major cities. The Chinese artist uses his art to protest the government, which had shut down his local home studio. The infringement of his right to express himself and explicit persecution of artists drives Bolin's work with passion.