The Blu Sardinia Wall Brings Attention to Italy's Chernobyl

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: & fastcoexist
The eerie Blu Sardinia mural draws attention to Italy's own Chernobyl happenings around the rocket-launching site of Salto di Quirra.

The drawings within the collection of test tubes and flasks illustrate a dystopian picture. There are submarines hiding within lakes meant for fishing, mass industrialization, unnaturally farmed animals and enormous toxic waste. All such themes are meant to criticize the concentration of militarism and experimental testing that ravaged the area. As a result of wreckage caused by past scientific ways, 65% of inhabitants suffer from Leukemia. Moreover, there have been reports of lambs born with extra limbs and heads.

The fantastically large murals put the issue of government protection policies and resulting negligence under the microscope.