JR and Liu Bolin Produce NYC Street Art that is Man-Ensconced

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: jr-art.net & nylonguysmagazine.tumblr
Contemporary artists Liu Bolin and JR have put on their latest human-ensconsed New York City street art project. Filmed on the Elizabeth thoroughfare, Bolin began the project by painting his collaborator JR into their piece, literally. Although perhaps an odd enterprise, Bolin and JR have mastered the ability to make humans virtually disappear through art, becoming one with the canvas, or in this case, an abandoned garage.

The NYC exhibit was a highly interactive venture. While the duo did begin the piece by laying the necessary groundwork, NYC locals who passed by the set were invited to pick up a paintbrush. The result was an impressive mosaic of talent, featuring the input of various passersby who were inspired by the initiative.

The most remarkable aspect of the mural is JR himself, who eventually blended into the scene by way of black and white paint. This feature of the Bolin and JR showcase demonstrates the natural merger between art and man.