Dick's Pizza & Pleasure by Slick+Design USA Plays on Modernity

Dick's Pizza & Pleasure in Milwaukee has a slick new design, thanks to, well, Slick+Design USA. The diner and bar, owned by "real estate and nightclub-restaurateur" Thomas Wackman, features a cool modern spin on retro diner aesthetics.

The first floor is home to Dick's Pizza and features a cantilevered marble table, an open kitchen and metallic red vinyl accents and chrome bar stools reminiscent of old school diners. Featuring red LED lighting and gigantic anime wall murals, the space effectively creates a contrast between its stark white walls and high-impact decor. The music played is a mix of nu-disco, urban funk and glam rock, says the Retail Design Blog.

Upstairs is Dick's Pleasure, which Slick+Design USA has turned into an interesting nightlife experience with color-changing LED lights, provocative anime murals and a "one-of-a-kind shot bar" done in bright pink with a matching pink Birch tree sculpted out of metal.